Thursday, July 31, 2014

Take A Look Around...

...we often may live somewhere but never truly experience what it has to offer. It can be right up under our noses and not cost a single dime to see. This is the experience for New Hampshire residents visiting in and around the downtown Manchester area...look around and this is a small taste of the view...various electrical boxes are canvas for local artist work.

Right place at the right time gave way to seeing this artist coming and continuing her work on this box, "Woo hoo!"

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Remember Where's Waldo?

It is a children games in print where you have to find this skinny little man wearing a red and white stripe shirt wearing a hat and glasses hiding in the crowd as children read and learn about different geographical locations. Well, I like to go kayaking. "Where's Waldo" came to mind when I took this one particular shot in a red kayak. That image as well some others are what you are about to view.

 The wind did blow and water choppy like open sea
 Where's Waldo? :-)
 While something are nice to alone; good time are best shared with others; my best friend
Capturing shots of turtles...not so easy this time around

More images from this not-so-calm but fun trip on the water can be seen in a photography gallery by following this link: EsBest photos look for the "Turkey Pond" folder.

Where Have I Been? You Asked...

Keeping busy with quiet a few projects and other things. There has been a lot going on in my home, with my family and in life in general. Some good, some not so good and some just plain bad; to be honest "but" never down or discouraged. I plug on to do what I do best; having something in my hand and some project going or me going somewhere.

Here a link to where you can see some of those projects. click here to see my lastest craft projects
My Lil' Bunny Twins. I have a lots more project and will upload more as I complete them.

The make for wonder li' Easter gifts but I do miss them so. "I gotta make more." Did not have that much light brown yarn, though...hmmm

Monday, March 31, 2014

Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained...

So as many know and some may not know, I have a very strong passion for capturing life moments with a unique eye; freezing moments in times to share with others as well as for my own person enjoyment. What many do not know, is I also like to relax with a ball of yarn and a pair of needles; it is quiet relaxing and very me! If it were not for the crocheting I was able to do while on bedrest during a very long and complicated pregnancy with my first son, I probably would have lost my mind with a whole new spin on cabin fever that would make Jason look humble. ha ha

Any who. Knitting and crocheting is something I have always known how to do for a very long time and continue to do 'til this very day. My preference to do it is during the winter months when like most, activities outdoor due to harsh weather conditions are greatly minimized. I also like to create items to donate to charities and as gifts.

My preference over the past few years however is  knitting. If I am not drawing or painting, I am knitting something...or two.

My most recent project was a pair of baby booties to resemble a popular and fashionable Ugg boots.

A lovely YouTuber by the name of iKnit publish a how-to video that help me a great deal in the creation of these Uggs made out of two soft and stylish fibers; suede and baby soft yarns. iKnit has many videos for both knitters and anyone that can crotchet or want to learn either of the two crafts. click here for Boy's Ugg bootie tutorial.

These Uggs are for my grand daughter, Imani. She is an amazingly cute little one year old that is already walking.  In the video the Uggs are made with a button closure. However, these shoes have a velcro closure. I must point one thing, the bottom of Uggs are not grundy or dirty. It is plastic coating  to prevent the sole from slipping on hard surfaces. The plastic spray comes in various colors and I like to use a clear coat but the hardware store only had gray and white. The white would not coat evenly so I had to get the gray. The bottom of shoes are generally dark anyway for I figure, "What the heck, right? I hope her mother likes them and they fit.

The Uggs sole side up shortly after being treated with plastic coating
 Another angle to show how the Uggs are coated
A how-to will be coming soon a YouTube video soon
 Dried, finished and ready
 Uggs upright from one side
 On display for the day
 Lastly, a close-up shot of the dried and coated sole

Strongly considering to begin a Esty online store to sell hand knit and crotchet items in the near future; a new adventure is on the horizon.

Friday, February 7, 2014

The Elephant In The Room

I had absolutely NO IDEA whatsoever that something like this happen in history...why was I not taught this instead of...cough...some dude...cough,
Christopher...claiming to find a land with "people" I might add not "savages" already living there! Seriously?

As a photographer, there is not only a love for being behind the camera and capturing images and moment; freezing them in time but also to witness the work of others and marvel. Both in the form of still, animation and of course, cinematography; movies.

While promoting products is not my thing and probably will not happen again on my blog; this is too is not so much as a plug to promote a movie as it is a push to educate and inform on an important (and unknown) piece of history. So yeah, I'll say it...go watch it. I know I will.

Oh, watch what? You wonder and how did I find out about this missing part of history; GMA, Good Morning America...? I like them on Facebook and get some pretty interesting media post from time to time. This is one of those times. Don't get me wrong. I should be a clear in saying, this is not the first time I heard about this movie. I did see the trailer when I went to see another movie. But at the time, of course, I could not share a link and had no reason, it was only a movie trailer. I also did not know at the time when I watch the trailer which I infer to be a possible good war drama with some comedy but had had no idea at all that it was a based on an actual event! That, was the clincher for sharing the movie and interview with the cast done on GMA.
Click (the words) link below to see the missing but very good history lesson; a clip in the interview.

Monument Men cast interview on GMA

To see the full trailer, click here

Sunday, November 17, 2013

How Can I Say No?

A trip to Ogunquit, Maine to walk along the beach during a nice fall day in November.
These are some of the best of those photos. Of course of the photos taken that day have been uploaded to photography folder/gallery on EsBest Artwork & Photography by just clicking on the name shown in blue text. On the way to the beach I also stopped at what I feel is the best kitchen supply store with a functioning sit-in cafe; Stonewall Kitchen. But that story my friends, is material for another blog post that just happen to be right below this one. So after you are done enjoying the best of these photos, scroll on down to read and see what else in store from this nice walk on the beach trip, okay?

Wouldn't Granny Be Impressed?

 I live close enough to walk over to my friends I know, who unexpectantly ask me if I would like to go with them to beach…out of state (although just next door to New Hampshire where I live) to Maine of all places. A place I like to go but do not go often enough. So of course, I said yes. They even stop by my home so I could grab my camera. "Yeah!" On the way, I got another surprise. A pit stop at a location I have never heard of or been too...Stonewall Kitchen. While they have a several locations, this one is located in York, Maine. It is amazing inside to see the place in its kitchen like setup; working kitchen sink and stove included. On every wall there are samples of every category and kind from sauces seen in the picture below, to jams and jellies and so much more. It boggles the mind how much stuff and things you can see in the store of kitchen gadgets, food, candies and kits to make delicious foods using ingredients of the all natural-all homemade and locally supplied food items lining the wall and in the middle of the floor. But hold the phone because it does not stop there! Connected to this masterpiece chock full of eye candy; literally speaking. Is also a well size cafe where you could have a nice lunch or breakfast meal…or even a quick snack if you that is what you prefer. But do not take my word for it. If you are ever in any one of the three seacoast area of Newburyport, Massachusetts, Portsmouth, New Hampshire or York, Maine, be sure to stop by Stonewall Kitchen and see…and taste for yourself. 
Your taste buds will surely thank you. I know mines did.